Private label car care products

TecLub offers high quality private label car care products. Contact us to let us know what kind of car care products you are looking for, and we will create your own products under your own brand name.

We all know how important quality maintenance is in getting the most out of our vehicle. As our engines begin to age they require additional protection.

Proactive approach

Some indicators of engine wear and tear are decreased power & engine performance, increased oil consumption, an engine that is slow to start on a cold morning or runs hotter on warmer days, a decrease in gas mileage, and minor leaks. Seals become brittle, rings wear and valves may not seal as tightly. Deposits can build up on fuel injectors, valves or piston rings, so they don’t operate smoothly. By taking a proactive approach toward your engine’s maintenance, you can help inhibit its aging process and extend the life and efficiency of your vehicle.


The solution may be as simple as using the correct car care chemicals and additives. These are designed to provide specialized protection for your vehicle’s engine by increasing anti-wear properties, conditioning seals, and boosting cleaning agents to help reduce deposit formation and friction modifiers; all which will help maximize engine life and improve engine performance.

TecLub has developed a Car Care Reference Guide, which contains most common problems, the possible causes, and connects this to our products to solve your problem.

Fuel System Additives

A properly maintained fuel system is one of the keys to keeping your vehicle performing like it should. By using our products on your fuel system, you’ll help maximize fuel efficiency, increase your car’s performance and help avoid problems such as rough idling, weak acceleration, stumbling, and stalling.

Cooling System Maintenance

Inside your car’s engine, fuel is constantly burning. A lot of the heat from this combustion goes right out the exhaust system, but some of it soaks into the engine, heating it up. The primary job of the cooling system is to keep the engine from overheating by transferring this heat to the air. By using our products, you’ll help your entire cooling system to be clean, closed, lubricated and protected against rust and corrosion.

Engine Lubrication

Your engine is the heart of your car. Keeping your engine properly lubricated reduces friction, heat build up and wear. By using our products, you’ll help your engine run more efficient, perform better and last longer.

Gear Oil Treatment

Gear oil is an oil made specifically for transmissions, transfer cases and differentials in automobiles, trucks, and other machinery. Usually it is of a higher viscosity to better protect the gears.

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