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Like a car, a motorcycle also needs to be taken care of. TecLub has developed a complete range of private label motorcycle treatments, cleaners and lubricants especially tailored for motorbikes and motorcycles.


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Motorcycle Oil Treatment Premium

New generation oil additive specially developed for wet-clutch motorcycles. Reduces friction and wear without affecting the friction coefficient in the clutch area. Improves engine performance and fuel economy and reduces engine noise.

Fuel Injector Cleaner for Motorcycles

Gasoline injector cleaner that is developed to clean and keep the entire gasoline supply system in optimal condition.

Dry fuel for motorcycles

Dry fuel additive that is developed to remove water, caused by condensation from the fuel tank.

Fuel Stabilizer for motorcycles

Fuel Stabilizer for Motorcycles is a highly effective fuel additive specially developed to protect and stabilize fuel of motorcycles during prolonged periods of (winter) storage.

Engine Flush for motorcycles

Engine Flush is an oil based product used to completely cleanse the interior of motorcycle engines from sludge, gum, rust and varnish.

Helmet & Boot Freshener

TecLub Helmet & Boot Freshener breaks down unwanted smells and bad odor in helmets, boots and gloves and leaves a fresh citrus smell.

Helmet Cleaner

TecLub Helmet Cleaner is an effective foam cleaner for cleaning motorbike helmets and visors. Leaves a fresh citrus smell and a smear and residue free finish.

Chain Spray

Chain Spray is a high-grade lubricant affording excellent chain protection from abrasion and drying out.

Chain Spray Premium

This chain spray combines the excellent lubricating characteristics of Boron Nitride and PTFE with the protective properties of a wax-based lubricant.

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