Sustainability for the long run

Living in a green and clean environment is something we all want. The world is our home and therefore crucial to take care of. By 2040 it is expected that two billion cars will be driving on the streets of the world. In passenger cars, but also many transportation applications, combustion engines still represent the currently predominant powertrain technology running on fossil-based fuels. Yet, not all fuels or cars are equal. With poor quality fuel, use of incorrect lubricants or in case of older engines, deposits can slowly build up inside every engine. Accumulating over time, these deposits ultimately prevent the motor system from exploiting its full potential and delivering its optimal performance. The result is an inefficient use of precious resources which brings unnecessary emissions.

With its fuel performance solutions for petrol and diesel, TecLub continuously strives to enhance the quality of fuel and performance of cars in markets around the globe. TecLub’s fuel additives protect the fuel and intake system of engines by forming a fluid protective film preventing the formation of deposits (keep clean effect). At the same time already existing deposits are removed (clean-up effect). A cleaner engine system results in better performance, improved combustion and improved fuel economy which in consequence means less emissions. Beyond that, a cleaner and properly functioning engine will result in a longer engine life, saving cost for vehicle owners and making engines more sustainable.


By using TecLub’s fuel and lubricant performance solutions together we contribute to several United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals (

– Cost savings: our additives ensure that you save on engine maintenance and fuel costs (UN SDG 7, 8)
– Lower emissions: our additives ensure a cleaner engine and optimized combustion resulting in less emission (UN SDG 11, 13)
– Positive effect on climate change: less emission and fuel consumption has a positive effect on the climate (UN SDG 7, 13)
– Efficient use of resources: optimized fuel combustion and a longer engine life lead to more efficient use of precious resources (UN SDG 9, 12)

TecLub is dedicated to contribute to a better environment and takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. Below you can find out in more detail how TecLub contributes to a cleaner and greener environment.

Living in a green and clean environment is something we all want. The world is our home and therefore crucial to take care of. TecLub is bound to contribute to this global cause and takes this corporate social responsibility very seriously. How does TecLub contribute to a cleaner and greener environment?

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