As a private label supplier TecLub has many different packaging options for which we also intend to provide environmental friendly solutions.

Concentrated products

Many of our products are suitable for smaller packaging when applied in concentrated contents. When smaller packaging is applied, less packaging material is needed which is far more efficient and environmental friendly.

Recyclable packaging materials

For many products we have recyclable packaging materials to offer such as PET bottles and various other recyclable types of cans. Did you know that over 90% of the drums we use is recycled? Keep in mind that due to the nature of our products not all types of packaging material are suitable to all products.

Innovative packaging solutions

We are constantly thriving to innovate our packaging options for our clients keeping the environment in mind. Packaging should be practical, easy on the eye and environmental friendly whenever possible. It depends on the product which materials can be used. For example our newest packaging option is a “bag-in-box” which significantly reduces the amount of plastic used compared to traditional plastic cans. But also traditional cans can be made more environmentally friendly by smartly redesigning the can shape making them stronger while using less plastic.

Please contact us for all possibilities.

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