Greases can be packaged in high quality cartridges, shuttles, sachets, tubes and in metal or plastic buckets in all kinds of sizes. In case you would like to have larger quantities we can also provide greases in drums. The type of packaging is depending on the type of grease. If you are looking for another type of packaging, please contact your accountmanager or contact us on below phone number or e-mail address.

Cartridges & Shuttles

TecLub greases can be supplied in 400 gr cartridges or 400 gr lubeshuttles with a screen-print with the use of 4-colours maximum.

Sachets & Tubes

Several additive fluids, pastes or greases could require a small packaging. Therefore TecLub offers sachets and tubes starting as a very suitable option for products requiring a small packaging.

Buckets & Drums

Alternate to the cartridges and lubeshuttles greases can be supplied in metal or plastic buckets. Buckets can be labelled and are available in several sizes.


If you are looking for IBC’s, dosing bottles, longnecks, metal / aluminum cans or any other type of packaging, no need to look further. For more information on our packaging options or high-res pictures just contact your account manager.