Why use car care products?

There is hardly a better feeling than driving home in a brand new car. With glossy paint, glossy rims and a fresh scent, it looks and feels great.

However this won’t last forever. A car is constanly subjected tot the elements; winter, summer, sun, rain, snow, frost, salt and so on. If not taken proper care of it wil deteriorate, the paint will fade, the wheels will turn black and it will quickly take on a lived-in look.

Luckily it only takes a little effort to prevent this from happening. With the right regular care and attention, a new car can look as new for many years and even an older car can look as new again. Car detailing is the best way to ensure you maintain the exterior and interior of the car. It includes a thorough wash, polish, and protection of your whole car but with the right resources it is more than worth it.

This is why we have developed our extensive car care product line as shown below.

  • Rain Off makes car windshields, car windows, car mirrors and other glass surfaces water repellent. Improves visibility, safety and driving comfort in wet weather driving conditions. Prevents staining and water spots.



  • Summer Screenwash is an highly concentrated effective windscreen cleaner: Removes dirt, water spots and insects and leaves a streak free finish.

  • Spray & Rinse Sealant is a quick and easy-to-use surface sealant for car lacquer, windows and wheels. The water-activated formula creates a hydrophobic barrier repelling water and water spots. Protects from dirt and dust. Perfect as a top coat after washing.



  • A complete and effective car paintwork reviver and finisher. Finishes and restores colour

  • Sun Guard protects plastics, rubber, vinyl and other surfaces against damaging UV rays. Restores colour and luster and maintains a fresh new look. Repels water and dust and prevents fading and cracking.

  • Highly effective wash and wax-in-one. Refreshes paint colour and provides an intense shine. Different types available.

  • Fabric Protector is a highly effective water- and stain repellent for impregnating outdoor textiles of all fibre types. Improves protection against water, dirt and stains. Water-based and free of perfluorinated compounds.

  • Acid-free wheel cleaner to dissolve oil, grime and dirt from wheel rims. With innovative color indicator showing effectiveness and progress.



  • Protects and conditions rubber, plastics and leather. Prevents sticking and protects rubber seals on doors and trunk lids.

  • Protects and conditions (door)rubbers and keeps them pliable. Prevents rubbers from freezing. In easy-to-use lipstick-like applicator.

  • A wide range of silicon, silicon-free and water based cockpit sprays for touching up dashboards and other plastic materials inside cars.

  • Spray wax polish to clean and protect long term. Perfectly suitable for a quick super shine treatment for cars, caravans, polyester boats, synthetic window frames, motorbikes, bicycles, garden furniture, chromium etc. Based on synthetic and natural waxes, oils, solvents and water.