The engine is the heart of your car. By keeping it properly lubricated with the right lubricants, friction, heat build, wear and maintenance cost will be minimized. Our high quality private label lubricants and greases make sure engines run more efficient, perform better and last longer.

Lubricants: engine and transmission oils

Proper lubrication of an engine is complex. Contrary to what you might think lubricants have many more functions than just lubricating. An engine oil for example must:

  1. Provide a barrier between moving parts to reduce friction, heat build up, and wear.
  2. Cool and disperse heat from friction of moving parts and fuel combustion.
  3. Provide a seal between moving parts.
  4. Clean, absorb and suspend dirt and other particles.
  5. Neutralize damaging acids and provide corrosion protection.
  6. Reduce noise and provide shock damping.

Whilst offering the above, the engine oil must also be resistant to sludge and varnish build-up and withstand extreme heat and cold without compromising on the above properties.

TecLub offers automotive lubricants for a wide range of purposes: passenger car and light commercial vehicle oils, heavy duty engine oils, manual transmission and axle oils, automatic transmission fluids (ATF), central hydraulic fluids, power steering fluids, hydraulic oils, motorcycle oils, marine oils, industrial oils and agricultural oils.


Next to automotive oils TecLub offers a wide range of private label greases that are critical in protecting metal parts in many industries. The range consists of lithium greases, lithium complex greases, multi complex greases, specialty greases and anti-seize compounds.


TecLub is authorised to carry the EELQMS quality certificate for its engine oils with ACEA specifications. The European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS) was jointly developed by ACEA (The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association), ATC (The Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe) and ATIEL (The Technical Association of the European Lubricants Industry).

The EELQMS represents a set of development protocols, test methods, production standards and codes of practice. It is a voluntary quality management system for automotive lubricants designed to meet the performance requirements of leading European car manufacturers. Read more about the EELQMS certificate here.

EELQMS - European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System