Hydraulic oils

What is hydraulic oil and where is it applied?

In short, hydraulic oil is a lubricant but totally different from “regular” motor oil, it is applied in hydraulic systems and equipment where energy and power are transferred through fluids.

The role of hydraulic oil

The key role of hydraulic oil is a non-compressible fluid that transfers power from one end to another in a hydraulic system. The force produced results in a movement or action.

Types of hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil is available in two varieties. Synthetic oil and mineral-based. Synthetic oil is synthesized or created artificially. Mineral hydraulic oil originates from petroleum.

Characteristics of hydraulic oil

The main and most important characteristic of hydraulic oil is that it is a non-compressible fluid. This makes such an oil perfect for use in products and equipment that need to transmit forces.

To ensure effectiveness and reliability, hydraulic oil generally contains the following properties:

  • Protection against wear, corrosion and rusting
  • Very strong filtering properties
  • Water separating and emulsifying properties
  • Resistance to air release, aging and foaming

Thanks to these characteristics hydraulic oils save energy, reduce wear, extends maintenance intervals and increase lifespan.

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