Other lubricants & greases

Agricultural oils

Good lubrication of your agricultural equipment ensures reduced maintenance,  optimised operating costs and extended lifetime for the equipment.

Using the right high quality agricultural oils leads to more reliable and effective operations and allow for effective maintenance of a multitude of agricultural equipment.

Industrial oils

Industrial vehicles and machinery operate in harsh conditions, such as extreme temperatures, dust and dirt, moisture and high pressure. This makes them susceptible to shorter life spans if not maintained properly.

Using the right high quality industrial oils protects your equipment and minimalizes solid-to-solid contact, reduces friction, wear, corrosion and excludes moisture, resulting in a lower cost of operation, lower maintenance cost, less down time and extended machinery lifetime.

Marine oils

Our marine oils are developed for circumstances where the presence of water and humid atmospheres can effect lubricating performance and be detrimental to the protection from corrosion. They are designed for various marine applications, both engines and on-board machinery and in different categories, including pleasure boats, inland vessels and fishing boats.

The oils offer good protection against corrosion and rust. Furthermore, they help reduce wear and prolong oil change intervals. Our marine oils guaranty both a maximum performance and a maximum quality.

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