We offer several products to maintain, strengthen, protect and restore outdoor plastics, rubbers, vinyl, canvas and textile and other fabrics and surfaces which are exposed to all weather conditions. Our products are in particular great for recreation and marine but can be used for outdoor furniture where sun and rain take a heavy toll on cushions and upholstery. They are also ideally suited for rain & snow wear and hiking & camping gear.

More information about what our outdoor products have to offer can be found on the product page via the links below.

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  • Fabric Protector is a highly effective water- and stain repellent for impregnating outdoor textiles of all fibre types. Improves protection against water, dirt and stains. Water-based and free of perfluorinated compounds.

  • Rain Off makes car windshields, car windows, car mirrors and other glass surfaces water repellent. Improves visibility, safety and driving comfort in wet weather driving conditions. Prevents staining and water spots.



  • Protects and conditions rubber, plastics and leather. Prevents sticking and protects rubber seals on doors and trunk lids.

  • Protects and conditions (door)rubbers and keeps them pliable. Prevents rubbers from freezing. In easy-to-use lipstick-like applicator.

  • Sun Guard protects plastics, rubber, vinyl and other surfaces against damaging UV rays. Restores colour and luster and maintains a fresh new look. Repels water and dust and prevents fading and cracking.