Engine Cleaner

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Engine Cleaner is a highly effective degreasing fluid for thorough cleaning of engines and engine parts. Quickly and efficiently removes all dirt, grease and oil remnants. The excellent penetrating properties of this product guarantee quick and thorough dirt release.


  • Guarantees a deep cleaning effect
  • Quickly and efficiently removes dirt, grease and oil
  • Cleans rapidly and very effectively
  • Does not affect rubber, plastics, paint and metals in any way
  • This product is safe for use on electrical and ignition systems


Cleaning of engines and engine parts.


  1. Spray the engine cleaner on the surface evenly.
  2. Agitate with a brush to liquefy congealed oil or grease.
  3. Wash off with clean water using hose or brush.
  4. For very contaminated parts, repeat the treatment.
  5. After cleaning, remove the product with water.
  6. Then protect the engine and its parts with Engine Protector.

This is a heavy product not suitable for general detergent use. Avoid contact with skin and clothing.


To be used whenever required.

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Engine Cleaner

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