Dry-film Lubricant + PTFE

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Dry-Film Lubricant + PTFE is a high-grade, grease-free lubricant for long-term protection with a deeply penetrating power. It is a strong adhesive that makes for very smooth action between components, even under extreme conditions.It possesses excellent water and moisture-repellent properties. Dry-film lubricant + PTFE is a perfectly suitable product for all purposes where components are to be lubricated, but not with a greasy lubricant.


  • Reduces friction and prolongs service life of the components
  • Affords corrosion protection
  • Temperature range between – 50°C and + 260°CWater and moisture-repellent
  • Resistant to cold, warm and salt water
  • Stops annoying squeaks


Anti-seize and lubricating agent for chains, nylon bearings, sliding surfaces, cables, etc. Ideal for automotive window runners and sunroof guides.


Shake well before use. Substrates should be clean and dry. Spraying distance approximately 20 cm.


To be used whenever required.

Product sheet

Dry-film Lubricant + PTFE

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