Rust Remover

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Rust Remover is a high-grade penetrating oil with multi-functional properties. Lubricates, penetrates,
removes rust and protects against corrosion and wear. Loosens rusted bolts, screws, nuts and other


  • Disperses rust, scale and other oxides
  • Penetrates into hard-to-reach areas quickly
  • Frees metal parts seized by dirt, rust, corrosion or dried-up greasy deposits
  • Eases quick disassembly of rusted bolts, nuts, screws and other parts or fasteners
  • Functions as an anti-seize product facilitating future disassembly


In workshops, cars, caravans, motorcycles, bicycles, home applications, tools, etc.


Shake well before use. Spray the product sufficiently on the parts to be treated. Allow to set for a few minutes. If parts remain locked, repeat the operation.


To be used whenever required.

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Rust Remover

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