Tyre Repair 2-in-1

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Tyre Repair 2-in1 seals punctures and inflates tyres without removing the wheel. Seals punctures up to 5 mm. Inflates the tyre up to a pressure at which one can continue to drive.


  • Instantly repairs and inflates punctured tyres.
  • Seals punctures up to 5 mm in the running surface of the tyre
  • Harmless to tyres and wheels
  • Emergency repair


Use Tyre Repair 2-in-1 in case of a punctured tyre for emergency repair.

Direction / Dosage

Shake the Tyre Repair 2-in-1 aerosol and warm it up between your hands if necessary. If possible extract the cause of damage. Carefully screw the supply valve of the can to the valve of the tyre. Inject the entire content of the can while keeping it in an upright position. Drive to the nearest service station at a moderate speed. Carefully let out the compressed gas previously injected and reset the original pressure level of the tyre with compressed air.

Recommended dosage

Bicycles 200 ml
Mopeds 300 ml
Passenger cars and motorcycles 400 ml
Large passengers cars and SUV’s 500 ml

It is recommended after repair to have the tyre checked and/or replaced by a specialist!

Product sheet

Tyre Repair 2-in-1

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