A/C Booster aerosol

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The A/C Booster aerosol is a high quality air conditioning improver for passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. It does not only clean the air conditioning system, but improves and protects the performance as well. The Airco Booster cleans the Multi Air Conditioning (MAC) system by removing the oil residues. Thereby, it leaves a protective layer on these internal surfaces to keep a good performance. Next to protection, this layer enhances lubrication, improves heat exchange across the condenser and evaporator and enhances the refrigerant flow and improves the oil return to the compressor.


  • Cleans the air conditioning system
  • Better and more accurate temperature control
  • Refines cooling process which results in less noise
  • Works efficiently, less use of fuel economy
  • Gives compressor a boost, which can result in longer life
  • Protects the air condition system against wear
  • Cleans and protects the air conditioning system on the inside.


The A/C Booster aerosol can be delivered with a special adapter to inject the lubricant easily. Note: to be purchased seperately.


  1. Turn off the engine
  2. Open blue valve
  3. Attach the adapter to low side service port
  4. Open blue valve adapter port
  5. A/C booster will now flow into the system
  6. Start engine and let system run for at least 15-30 minutes before switching off.


Compatible for all passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. The A/C Booster aerosol can be added to the compressor lubricant or can be applied on its own.

Bearing surfaces at SEM x1000 magnification:


Treated with A/C Booster aerosol:

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A/C Booster aerosol

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