A/C Stop Leak Premium Aerosol

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A/C Stop Leak Premium aerosol has been developed to safely target both causes of A/C leakage. The product is compatible with all refrigeration lubricants and can be added into virtually any A/C system including commercial and industrial systems.

The product does not contain any polymers which are moisture activated. This means the product can be packed in regular bottles and injected through conventional charging methods via injectors or regular A/C service equipment.

Air-conditioning leaks can occur as a result of corrosion which is typically caused by the presence of acids that form when refrigerant mixes with moisture. This can result in small leaks often no wider then a human hair. Since these leaks are hard to trace it can be a time-consuming job which requires a lot of tinkering and often involve expensive replacement parts.

Next to corrosion related leaks, the seals and O-rings within the air-conditioning system can dry out, shrink or even crack over time. Seal related leaks are actually the most common cause of air-conditioning leakage. These seals are difficult to replace without dismantling and therefore lead to high cost of repair.

How does it work?

When the product is injected into the A/C system it flows with the escaping refrigerant to the leak site where it forms a flexible seal. TecLub’s A/C Stop Leak additive bonds to the metal edges of the hole and closes it.

Next to these corrosion related leaks A/C Stop Leak Premium aerosol also contains advanced seal rejuvenating additives which treat dried out shrunken seals, gaskets and o-rings and makes seals swell back to original size and regain all-new pliability.


One can of A/C Stop Leak is sufficient for one treatment. The amount of time for the additive to activate is 15 to 30 minutes.


The A/C Stop Leak Premium aerosol can be delivered with a special adapter to inject the lubricant easily. Note: to be purchased seperately.


  1. Turn off the engine
  2. Open blue valve
  3. Attach clear the adapter to low side service port
  4. Open blue valve adapter port
  5. A/C Stop Leak will now flow into bottle
  6. Start engine and let teh system run for at least 15-30 minutes before switching off.


If the system is pressurized or a vacuum is created and after 10 minutes less than 40% pressure or vacuum is lost, the additive can be used.

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A/C Stop Leak Premium Aerosol

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