Speciality greases

SKU: 80913 to 80914
Code Grease type NLGI Base oil Base oil viscosity

@ 40ºC

Operating temperature Colour Description
80913 Ultra HT 2 2 Synthetic

Polyalkaline Glycol

128 cSt Grease film:

-30ºC to +200ºC

Dry film:

30ºC to +600ºC

Black Industrial, extreme temperature, plain and rolling bearing grease for applications of operating temperatures up to 600ºC. Dispersion of fine graphite in a synthetic fluid which evaporates cleanly at high temperatures without leaving abrasive ash or carbon deposits.Primarily designed for extreme temperature operations such as kilns, car bearings, furnace doors and drying tunnel mechanisms.
80914 Calcium


000 Mineral 110 cSt -25ºC to +80ºC Red A premium water resistant grease for use in the heavy haulage industrial sector where the presence of water and humid atmospheres can effect lubricating performance and be detrimental to the protection of parts from corrosion. Specifically designed for applications where central lubrication systems are fitted onto heavy goods vehicles for chassis lubrication. This grease is deliberately designed to be softer than a NLGI 000 grease to provide excellent pumpability even at sub zero temperatures

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