Motorcycle Oil Treatment Premium

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Motorcycle Oil Treatment PREMIUM is a specially developed oil soluble tungstate. Features a unique friction modifier which is only activated in areas of the engine where temperatures are around 130˚C and over. Therefore this premium product will not modify the friction coefficient in the clutch plate area where a friction modifier is undesirable. In addition this exceptional additive provides excellent high temperature deposit control crucial to motorcycles operating at high temperatures.

This unique product has been tested in accordance with JASO MA friction standards confirming the engine oil stays within the JASO MA friction specifications. Motorcycle Oil Treatment PREMIUM provides friction reduction, deposit control and anti-wear performance exactly where and when you want it!


  • Unique additive reducing friction and wear only in areas where and when required.
  • Increases engine power and performance.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and makes the engine run smoother.
  • Reduces engine noise.
  • Deposit control at elevated temperatures keeps your oil clean.
  • Does not change the friction coefficient of the wet clutch.
  • Does not adversely affect Viton seals.
  • Phosphorus and sulfur free.


For all motorcycles requiring JASO MA-1 / MA-2. Can be mixed with all commercially available JASO MA-1 / MA-2 engine oils.


Add contents of one bottle to the warm motor oil, preferably shortly after oil change. Make sure the oil contents do not exceed the maximum oil level in your engine.


1% to max 2% of total crank case volume.

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Motorcycle Oil Treatment Premium

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