Diesel DETOX Pro

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Diesel Detox PRO is the ultimate diesel system cleaner and rejuvenator addressing all common deposit related problems in modern diesel engines. Diesel Detox PRO is a true multipurpose product that cleans deposits from the complete fuel system including injectors (external and internal), valves and combustion chamber, boosts cetane number up to 5 points and lubricates the diesel fuel pump in case of low sulphur fuel. This results in rapid restoration of engine performance and fuel economy.

In addition to cleaning the entire fuel system, Diesel Detox PRO contains organo-metallic additives that clean up your diesel particulate filter (DPF / FAP) and keep it clean. These additives significantly lower the ignition temperature of soot collected in the Diesel Particle Filter and optimize the periodic combustion of accumulated soot, a process known as filter regeneration.

The unique combination of a clean fuel system, clean combustion with lower emissions and soot particles that combust much faster will assist in keeping the catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) as well as the turbo compressor and its variable geometry vanes clean from deposits.


  • All-in-one premium diesel additive that cleans injectors, valves, combustion chamber, turbo and DPF.
  • Assists in keeping your catalytic converter and EGR clean.
  • Restores lost performance caused by a dirty and inefficient fuel system.
  • Prevents performance loss caused by clogged diesel particulate filters and incomplete combustion of soot.
  • Reduces fuel consumption related to a dirty fuel system or badly functioning DPF.
  • Boosts cetane number up to 5 points resulting in cleaner and complete combustion.
  • Extends lifetime of the expensive diesel particulate filter.
  • Strongly reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases with no secondary emissions.
  • Lubricates the fuel pump and provides excellent corrosion protection.
  • Can be used for all diesel engines with standard or retrofitted diesel particulate filters.


For all diesel engines (incl. common rail) with or without turbochargers running on low or normal sulphur level diesel fuel.


Pour the contents of one bottle in the fuel tank before filling it with diesel fuel. Drive for at least 20-30 minutes preferably with elevated RPM (>3.000). Try to repeat similar cycles a few times while driving on the treated diesel to achieve the maximum result. One bottle treats 40 to 60 litres of diesel fuel. Do not overdose!

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Diesel DETOX Pro

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