DPF Cleaning Kit PRO

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DPF Cleaning Kit PRO is a professional, cost and time-effective cleaning method for clogged Diesel Particulate Filters (also known as DPF or FAP).

The kit consists of three different steps, two of which are applied via a special cleaning gun (not included, can be supplied separately). Step 1 is a direct cleaner, Step 2 is a direct flush and Step 3 is a fuel additive which reduces the combustion temperature of (newly) collected soot in the DPF. The DPF Cleaning Kit loosens, disperses, removes and flushes out soot, which will facilitate full regeneration of the filter. The third step is a high grade fuel additive (DPF Cleaner & Regenerator) which prevents quick build-up of new soot and future problems.

DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning Kit

  • 500 ml DPF Cleaner (Step 1)
  • 2000 ml DPF Flush (Step 2)
  • 250 ml DPF Regeneration Aid (Step 3)

DPF Hardware Equipment

  • DPF Gun
  • DPF Hose
  • Conical nozzles (2x)


  • Prevents expensive DPF replacement and prolongs lifetime of the DPF
  • Facilitates complete regeneration at lower regenerating temperatures
  • Loosens, dissolves and removes soot deposits in the diesel particulate filter
  • Easy and quick to use without the need to disassemble the DPF
  • An innovative three-step approach DPF cleaning solution for maximum combined effectiveness
  • Improves engine performance, fuel economy and prevents stalling or emergency engine mode
  • Reduces harmful emissions of hazardous exhaust gases

Usage / direction / dosage

Clean when required. Observe all instructions in the user manual. One kit to treat one car.
Use recommended hardware only.

Important note: not suitable for use in SCR / AdBlue equipped vehicles.

Product sheet

DPF Cleaning Kit PRO

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