Gear Oil Treatment + Teflon

SKU: 80045

Gear Oil Treatment + PTFE is a balanced blend of high quality gearoil, sub-micron Teflon particles, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion additives.


  • The unique combination of excellent raw materials and Teflon particles improves gear changing and reduces wear and noise.
  • Additional protection of gears and bearings extends the lifetime of transmissions
Usage / Direction

TecLub Gearoil treatment with Teflon has been developed for all gearboxes, differentials, rear axles, etc. except automatic transmissions. The additive is miscible with all gearoils. TecLub Gearoil Treatment with Teflon can not be used as additive in automatic transmissions.


To be used whenever required.

Product sheet

Gear Oil Treatment + Teflon

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