Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2

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Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2 is a dispersion of very fine Molybdenum Disulphide in a highly refined oil. Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2 reduces friction and wear by forming a protective MoS2 layer on all moving parts. Reduces fuel and oil consumption. Provides long term protection.


  • Reduces friction and wear by forming an adhesive MoS2 film on all moving surfaces inside the engine
  • Reduces fuel and oil consumption and lowers toxic emissions Restores engine power
  • The lubricating MoS2 film guarantees lubrication during cold starts and in case of emergencies
  • Provides effective long term protection of your engine and ensures optimal performance


For all gasoline, diesel and LPG engines with or without turbochargers. Can be mixed with all commercially available engine oils. Does not clog filters and is not harmful for catalytic converters. Not suitable for motorcycles with a wet clutch.


Add contents of one bottle Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2 to the warm motor oil. Make sure the oil contents do not exceed the maximum oil level in your engine.


One bottle treats 4 to 6 litres of motor oil.

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Motor Oil Treatment + MoS2

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