Power Steering Stop Leak

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Power Steering Stop Leak is an advanced additive designed to stop and prevent leaks in power steering systems. The additive softens and expands old (rubber) seals and O-rings to recover to new seal performance. Oil leakage caused by hardened, dried out brittle seals will be resolved and prevented.


  • Stops and prevents oil leakages through seals
  • Revitalises (rubber) seals and O-rings
  • Eliminates the need for expensive repairs
  • Smoothens and quietens power steering operation
  • Protects and prolongs the service life of the power steering system


TecLub Power Steering Stop Leak can be added to all conventional power steering fluids to stop and prevent leakage.


Add the required quantity of Power Steering Stop Leak to the Power Steering Fluid.


Recommended dosing is 1% of the total systems volume. Make sure the oil contents do not exceed the maximum oil level.

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Power Steering Stop Leak

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