Hybrid Protect & Clean

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Hybrid Protect & Clean is especially developed for all latest hybrid vehicles with a petrol engine. Hybrid vehicles have a considerably lower fuel consumption and in some cases even drive electric only. In hybrid vehicles the petrol engine frequently operates when cold (with cold starts), starts and stops frequently and the fuel remains in the tank for a relatively long time. This results in incomplete or suboptimal combustion leading to deposits in the intake and combustion system as well as on injectors. Due to the frequent start-stops, engine lubrication is reduced leading to increased wear and tear in the engine. Furthermore, the fuel in the tank deteriorates over time adding to the (internal) polluting effect.

Hybrid Protect & Clean is adapted to the specific hybrid engine technology and actively cleans deposits in the fuel and combustion system and on injectors and prevents build-up of new deposits. Stabilizes fuel in the fuel tank over an extended service time. Adds a lubricity improver into the fuel to combat reduced lubrication due to frequent start-stops.


  • Cleans deposits in the intake, combustion system and on injectors
  • Prevents build-up of new deposits
  • Prevents fuel aging and stabilizes fuel over a prolonged period
  • Adds a lubricity improver into the fuel reducing friction and wear
  • Protects the fuel system from corrosion
  • Improves driveability, fuel economy and engine power
  • Reduces exhaust emission


All hybrid vehicles with a petrol engine (both direct injection and port fuel injection engines) running on regular, E5 or E10 petrol.


Pour the contents of one bottle in the fuel tank before filling it with petrol.


One bottle treats 50 litres of petrol.
Recommended use: every tank filling.

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Hybrid Protect & Clean

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