Lead Replacement

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Lead Replacement instantly protects valves and valve seats against wear and valve seat recession (VSR). Lubricates valves and prevents compression and performance loss in engines requiring leaded fuel. Retains protective power even after treated fuel is consumed.


  • Instantly protects valve and valve seats against premature wear and recession (VSR)
  • Prevents and reduces compression loss
  • Retains protective power even after treated fuel has been consumed (limited in time)
  • Eliminates valve sticking
  • Reduces maintenance cost and increases engine lifetime
  • Environmentally safe, does not contain lead


Lead Replacement can be used in all petrol engines with injectors or carburetor which use unleaded fuel but require leaded fuel. Will not harm catalytic converters.


Pour the contents of one bottle of Lead Replacement or one required dose in the fuel tank before filling it with petrol.


Single shot formulation: one bottle treats 50 litres of fuel.

Dosing bottle formulation: 50 ml treats 50 litres of fuel.

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Lead Replacement

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