Heating Oil Additive Premium

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State-of-the-art extra concentrated multipurpose additive to increase the quality and storability of heating oil and agricultural diesel fuel. Contains additives to reduce corrosion and oxidation, to stabilize the fuel quality and improve the combustion. A special, extra strong re-odorant helps to cover the typical smell of heating oil. Can also be used as a fuel stabilizer in agricultural diesel fuel.


  • Improves performance due to a more complete combustion;
  • Cleans filters, nozzles and other parts of the fuel system;
  • Improves (storage) stability: protects against ageing of the fuel;
  • Contains a metal deactivator to reduce oxidation;
  • Corrosion inhibitors reduce corrosion of the entire fuel system;
  • Limits build-up of sludge and sediments and lubricates the fuel pump, reducing risk of system failure;
  • Lowers heating, maintenance and operating costs;
  • Pleasant fragrance to cover the typical smell of heating oil.


All heating oil burner technologies. Can be used the blend premium light heating oil from regular heating oil. Can also be used in bio fuels with up to 20% FAME content (according to EN14214).


Pour the contents of one bottle in the tank before filling it with fuel.


1L treats 2000L of fuel

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Heating Oil Additive Premium

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