Brake and Parts Cleaner Spray

Product Code: 80074


  • Effectively removes contaminants like oil, grease, salts, brake fluid and street grime from all possible parts
  • Prevents brake squeaking
  • Special detergents dissolve even crusted, corroded and hardened dirt
  • Dries quick, precise and secure leaving absolutely no residue


Highly active cleaner with intensive cleansing power for brake parts, couplings, gear boxes, engine components, etc. Pre-treatment for surfaces which are to be glued, screwed or coated. Excellent cleansing and dirt removal qualities for glass, ceramics and stone. The ideal cleanser for industry and workshop applications while repairing and assembling.


Shake well before use. Spray on the parts to be treated allowing the agent to dissolve, respectively evaporate.


To be used whenever required.


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