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As a supplier of private label lubricants, fuel additives, petrol treatmentsdiesel treatmentsmotor oil additivesengine treatmentsbrake fluidsgreasesantifreeze, coolants, car care and maintenance products, TecLub provides you with high quality bespoke automotive products under your own brand name.

Companies are often hesitant to add private label chemical products to their product range because they do not have the resources, the knowledge or the production facilities to produce them safely and competitively. That’s where TecLub comes in. We provide high quality custom branded products, tailored to your local market and in the right packaging to suit your brand. We take care of the entire process from concept, to production, to delivery anywhere in the world. We take all the hassle away, so you can focus on sales and growing your business.

As an independent contract manufacturer TecLub provides you with a full range of car care and automotive maintenance products in a matter of weeks.

But what is private label exactly? Is it the same as white label? What are the advantages? Should I have my own label? Find out more below about the differences between them and the advantages that come with them.

private label products

What is private label?

Private label products are products that are manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand. Simply put: you have your own brand manufactured by a specialized third party: a private label supplier or a contract manufacturer.

With a private label you create your own brand with packaging, labelling and product formulations tailored to your own requirements, creating a unique product.

Traditionally private labels were positioned as lower cost alternatives to national or international brands, but in recent years they are often positioned as “premium” brands to compete with existing “A-brands”. The reason is clear: private brands offer many advantages to both consumers and brand owners and therefore this market is growing fast.

What is white label?

Private label products are sometimes also referred to as white label products, although they are not completely the same. White label products are usually standardized products produced by a manufacturer for sales to multiple retailers. The only distinction between the different retailers is in fact the labelling. With a private label one has the flexibility to tailor all parts of a product and create a unique brand and product. White label car care products tend to be more generic and less exclusive but usually have a shorter time-to-market and lower start-up or development cost in comparison to private label automotive products. TecLub can offer you both options.

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Private label products

Private label products are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics to car care. TecLub manufactures both private and white label products for use in cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, snow mobiles, quads, outboard engines, boats, caravans, workshops, garages, hobby, outdoor and cleaning applications, and more. As a trusted manufacturer TecLub provides you with a wide range of products under your own custom brand.

Petrol and diesel treatments

Fuel additives for petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, like diesel injector cleaner, petrol injector cleaner, fuel system cleaners, valve cleaner, octane booster, GDI Cleaner and Hybrid Cleaner additives, are examples of popular products in our fuel additive range. These high quality fuel additives keep engines clean and performing like they should. As a fuel additive supplier with decades of experience we know what it takes to supply the very best fuel additives. Read more.

Oil treatments

Oil treatments and oil additives like friction modifiers, viscosity improvers, oil stop leak, engine flush, ceramic engine protector and Bortec friction fighter, can boost your motor oil and engine performance, resolve problems like oil consumption, oil leakage or excessive smoke emission and at the same time keep your engine clean so new oil can perform optimally. Read more.

Cooling system additives

Products like radiator stop leak (sealer) or radiator cleaner can resolve or prevent cooling system leakage or restore and enhance cooling system performance. Read more.


Your engine is the heart of your car. Keeping your engine properly lubricated reduces friction, heat build-up and wear. As a lubricant manufacturer we supply the best automotive lubricants, motorcycle motor oil and other lubricants and greases that help your engine run more efficient, perform better and last longer. Read more.

Brake fluids

High quality and proper brake fluid is key to safe driving. TecLub is a leading manufacturer of brake fluid DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 LV and DOT 5.1. TecLub provides you with bespoke manufacturing and packaging solutions creating your own unique, tailored brand. As a very experienced supplier of brake fluid we maintain strict monitoring and quality control measures and a manufacturing process subject to the highest quality standards. Read more.


The primary job of the cooling system is to prevent the engine from overheating and keep the system in optimum condition. Choosing the right private label coolants or antifreezes will help your entire cooling system to be clean, closed, lubricated and protected against rust and corrosion. Read more.


Aerosols or spray cans are super versatile packaging options for a wide range of applications. As a private label aerosol manufacturer TecLub provides products for automotive, car care, cleaning, protection, assembly, tools, DIY (do-it-yourself), air conditioning maintenance, lubricants, technical sprays and more. Products can be tailored to your own brand requirement: lithographed, labelled, necked-in or straight-sided cans, volumes, caps and nozzles can be tailored to your need. Read more.

Car care

The finishing touch for every car is a bright and shiny exterior and a fresh, and clean interior. Our selection of private label car care products includes car polishes, car waxes, carnuba wax, lacquer sealants, rain off water repellents, air fresheners, car wash, scratch removers, tyre dressings, protective coatings, wash and wax, wheel cleaners, polishing compounds, plastic restorers and protectors, interior cleaners, leather cleaners and more. TecLub is a specialized supplier of auto detailing products under your own custom brand. Read more.


Especially in the winter it is important to keep your car prepared and protected against the conditions. Our private label winter products includes a special  selection of diesel antifreeze, heating oil additives, rubber maintenance products, screen wash antifreeze (de-icer) and door lock de-icer. Read more.


We offer several products to maintain, strengthen, protect and restore outdoor plastics, rubbers, vinyl, canvas and textile and other fabrics and surfaces which are exposed to all weather conditions. These products are great for recreation and marine but also for outdoor furniture. Read more.

For more information on the products go to our products page, download our product overviews or contact us for an offer without engagement.

Why will private label grow fast?

A variety of reasons is pushing growth of private label products:

  • Private labels offer huge incentives to brand owners.
  • End-users can purchase quality products at savings compared to A-brands.
  • Consolidation and scaling up by companies make private label opportunities feasible.
  • E-commerce has given brands and private labels another easy way to reach consumer.
  • Private label brands are now being seen as equivalent to multinational premium brands however at a better price.
  • Smaller, niche and private label brands often lead innovation and are quick to incorporate this in their portfolio pushing sales.
  • To save cost, consumers increase private label purchases when the economy is struggling. After economic recovery, changed shopper behaviour remains, as products have been accepted as proven (lower cost) alternatives.
  • It is a new opportunity in developing countries and fast growing economies providing a way to differentiate and increase profitability and flexibility.
  • Millennial consumers are much less brand-fickle than their brand-loyal predecessors. As the purchasing power of this group continues to increase, so will private label.

Read more on the growth potential of private brands in this McKinsey article.

In case you would like to know more about our private label car care and maintenance products, please check our products page. If you would like to create your own brand of products fill out the contact form below. Many brand owners, distributors, oil companies, traders, wholesalers, parts suppliers and other professionals in the automotive industry have preceded you.

advantages of private label

Advantages of private label

A private label brand offers many advantages over distributing a brand from another company:

  • Higher profit margins compared to distributing A-brands
  • Freedom in pricing strategy
  • Full control over the brand and its positioning
  • High flexibility and shorter time-to-market for new innovative products
  • Reduced A-brand domination in the marketplace
  • Increased customer loyalty and client dependence
  • Reduced supplier dependence
  • Increased sales possibilities
  • Opportunity to differentiate and provide variety in product program
  • Positive image building
  • Marketing efforts are to one’s own benefit only, not to that of competitors or suppliers

As a manufacturer of automotive products under private and white label, TecLub is your ideal partner to let you quickly benefit from these advantages.

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advantages of private label

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