TecLub offers you a full service one-stop-shop concept in both product program and services rendered. We pride ourselves in serving our customers from initial idea to concept, via product and packing choice and production under high ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, up to delivery of the final product anywhere in the world.

Product development

In order to offer you tailor made products we can upgrade established products or develop and test new products or solutions meeting your or your clients’ and markets’ requirements. Furthermore, in close cooperation with the world’s leading innovative companies we are continuously striving to have the latest innovations in the industry available for supplies under your brand name.

Assistance in choosing the right product formulations

Based on our vast experience we can advise you which product formulation is suitable for your market and your specific needs and requirements. If your requirements do not match one of our standard products, in most cases we are able to develop an alternative product and still have a short time-to-market.

Logistics including storage solutions and just-in-time deliveries

Established in the Netherlands near the European main port of Rotterdam harbour, we know all about shipping and transport. We know the most direct and economical way to get to your markets and distributors all over the world.

We can supply to your central warehouses or we can forward your goods directly to your branches or country organisations saving you a lot of trouble, time and money.

We can also provide warehouse facilities and storage solutions in order for you to have safety stocks, faster delivery times or in order to supply your products exactly at the time required.

Support with product and safety information

Today’s markets require more detailed product information and better safety information than ever before. Needless to say we update you with the latest product information. Our in-house production of Material Safety Data Sheets ensures you are always updated with the latest safety information based on the actual regulations.

Brand development, DTP (design) and copywriting

Not only the blending and packaging of your product is our concern, so is its presentation. This is why we assist you in launching your brand into the market place and build and sustain success. We advise you on packaging, formulation, image, pricing and best practices. Our creative specialists can develop label, silk-screen or litho designs to support your corporate image and cater your specific product or market. To complete our offer we can also assist you in copywriting for labels, product sheets and brochures.

Assistance in choosing the right packing

Packaging is crucial to success in international markets. Packaging also plays a vital role in product quality and safety. The packaging must ensure the product retains its high quality over time and is safe to use and child resistant when necessary. Furthermore the packaging must be compatible with the product’s chemical components.

We assist you in choosing the right packaging from the wide variety of standard packing types we offer in both metal or plastic. Of course contents can be adapted to meet the requirements of your market.

Multi colour screening of plastic containers, lithographing of metal containers, labelling, printing cartons or special multi-page labelling can all be used to optimize your product presentation.

In case our standard packing types do not meet your requirements, we are able to design custom moulds exclusively for your product or company.

Cargo optimization

With highly advanced software we optimize pallet, truck and container loading in order to save cost and meet your specific requirements.

Product & market knowledge / best practices

Based on our long and wide experience in sales of automotive products in over 40 countries around the world, servicing a broad range of customers, we know what it takes to operate successfully in markets across the globe. We know which products are successful and why. We know how markets operate and who your competitors are. We know by which criteria products are valued or rejected.

Within our strict confidentiality limitations, we can share this information with you, so you can enter new markets and operate successfully.

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