For the many additives we can produce, there is a broad range of packaging you can choose from. Depending on the actual additive we can provide aerosol type tin cans, premium type tin cans, aluminum cans, longneck bottles and dosing bottles. All of them with high standard quality. If you are looking for another type of packaging, please contact your accountmanager or contact us on below phone number or e-mail address.

Aerosol type tin cans

Regular tin plated aerosol cans are a cost effective way to pack a wide variety of products either lithographed or labeled. For professional markets this is one of the most commonly used packaging.

Premium type tin cans

Alternate to the regular tin plated cans are the modern looking round tin plated cans also available in a wide variety of sizes. For public markets this is one of the most commonly used packaging. If you are looking for a packaging style which offers you a professional and uniform look over different sizes, tin plated cans is a very suitable choice. Attachable filling tubes can be supplied as a handy tool for adding a fuel additive to the tank.

Aluminium Cans

Monobloc aluminum aerosols with their brushed and / or high gloss appearance, combined with transparent labels gives a very exclusive and luxurious look. The aluminium bottle can be adapted to meet any requirements to make a statement and to promote your products.

Longneck Bottles

Longneck bottles are a common sight in gas stations, car accessory shops or hypermarkets. The products stand out on shelves with bright colors and well-designed labels. This provides a great opportunity to position your brand. The shape of course is designed for easy pouring into the fuel tank. TecLub can offer a full range of longneck bottles in different sizes and colors.

Dosing Bottles

Several fluids in the additive range require a constant or regular use. A dosing bottle is a very suitable option for those products. TecLub offers these bottles in various sizes and volumes.


If you are looking for drums, IBC’s, cartridges, buckets or any other type of packaging, no need to look further. For more information on our packaging options or high-res pictures just contact your account manager.