Radiator Cleaner (Flush)

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Radiator Cleaner is especially developed to effectively and thoroughly clean the entire cooling system and to improve the heat transfer from the engine to the coolant / cooling system.


  • Removes sludge, rust, scale and other deposits from the cooling system
  • Improves heat transfer and prevents overheating
  • Enables the fresh coolant to perform optimally
  • Prevents build-up of acids and contaminants
  • Does not contain acids and is not poisonous
  • Does not harm rubber hoses, metal parts and gaskets


Radiator Cleaner is suitable for all aluminium, plastic and steel radiators of cooling systems in petrol, diesel and LPG engines. Compatible with all cooling fluids, conventional antifreeze and water.


Shake well before use. Add contents of one bottle of Radiator Cleaner to the radiator, drive for about 30 minutes and drain cooling system. Flush with water and refill cooling system with recommended coolant.

Important: be careful when opening the radiator or cooling system: hot coolant or steam might escape from the system!


One 300 ml bottle of Radiator Cleaner is sufficient for cooling systems with a volume of up to 12 litres.

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Radiator Cleaner (Flush)

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