The main goal of our automotive products is to keep engines clean and maintain and optimize driving performance. In doing so TecLub directly contributes to a cleaner environment, makes vehicles and engine parts more sustainable and at the same time provides drivers with optimal driveability and lower cost of ownership. So how does this work? The answer is actually quite simple: CLEAN = GREEN.

A clean engine saves fuel

Our fuel additives and treatments are designed to clean the inside of the engine and keep the exhaust system and parts like turbos, particulate filters and catalysts clean. Because the engine is clean it will use fuel very efficiently and improve on fuel economy. Good news for the driver and the environment.

Efficient engine performance

Using our fuel additives, (oil) treatments and lubricants results in optimal performance of the engine with a minimum amount of friction and maintenance. Because of this, the engine will not waste any fuel and it will make the engine more durable. Both contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of a car.

Less emission of harmful exhaust gases

Our products resolve problems which lead to excessive exhaust emission like, blue, black or white smoke and HC, NOX or soot emission. This not only contributes to lower emissions of harmful exhaust gases – which obviously is better for the environment – but this also results in a cleaner engine and better engine performance.

Optimal protection increasing engine life time

Our products protect the engine and technical parts of the engine and exhaust system so they last longer contributing to engine and car durability.

Solving instead of replacing

Many engine problems or malfunctioning in parts can be prevented or fixed by using our products without the need to replace these parts. This is good for the drivers’ wallet as well as a sustainable way to fix the problem.

Biodegradable products

In some of our products it is possible to use biodegradable components in the formulation such as bio-degradable solvents. Bio solvents have the characteristic to decompose faster and better in the environment than regular solvents, without compromising on quality or function.

Product innovations

When innovating products, packaging and formulations we keep the environment in mind with every step we take. Can we make a product more concentrated but still keep it safe for use by the public? Can we use biodegradable components in the formulation without compromising on quality? Can we use recyclable packaging? Does the product contribute to a better environment?

These contributions apply to our fuel additives and treatments, but also to our high grade lubricants, brake system products and coolants. Find all our products here.