Contact Cleaner (non-conductive)

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Non-conductive contact cleaner is a unique combination of solvents and propellants for removing oil, dirt and moisture from the surface of contact points on small electrical equipment, controls, ignition systems, motors, relays and thermostats.


  • Penetrates, lubricates, cleans and protects
  • Effectively cleans and degreases dust, carbon, oxide deposits, light rust and other common contaminants
  • Is non-conductive and easily removes oil, grease and dirt
  • Provides long lasting protection of all types of metal, repels damp
  • Special additives prevent corrosion
  • Dries quick, precise and secure leaving absolutely no residue


Highly active cleaner and degreaser for spark plugs, electrical motors, contractors, relays, carbon bushes, battery terminals, switchgears and all other electrical items. Can be safely applied to plastic, rubber and metal surfaces.


Shake well before use. Spray sufficiently onto the parts to be treated, i.e. electrical wiring, spark plugs and distributor cap, allowing the agent to dissolve, respectively evaporate.


To be used whenever required.

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Contact Cleaner (non-conductive)

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