Penetrating Oil + MoS2

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Penetrating Oil + MoS2 is a high-grade penetrating oil with multi-functional properties. This material contains molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) to afford a lubricating effect, even under extreme conditions. Good penetrating oil must meet a number of requirements, primarily with regard to the penetrating power of the fluid. The penetrating power, after all, determines the rust-dissolving ability of the product. Penetrating Oil + MoS2 is an ideal lubricant and preservative.


  • Disperses rust, scale and other oxides
  • Penetrates into hard-to-reach areas quickly
  • Frees metal parts seized by dirt, rust, corrosion or dried-up greasy deposits
  • Eases quick disassembly of mechanical components, fittings, assemblies, nuts and bolts and other close tolerance fasteners
  • Leaves a solid lubricating MoS2 film
  • Functions as an anti-seize product facilitating future disassembly


Shake well before use. Allow time for the oil to penetrate more stubborn parts for optimum results.


Spray the product sufficiently on the parts to be treated.


To be used whenever required.

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Penetrating Oil + MoS2

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