Sticker & Glue Remover

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Glue Spray is a quick-acting, reliable glue that may be used in a multifunctional manner for the gluing of plastics, metal, glass, textiles, wood, paper, leather, foam rubber, etc. This product is a sprayable adhesive with particularly strong sticking power; it lends itself perfectly to porous materials.


  • For the gluing of plastics, leather, cardboard, canopy covers, textiles, wood, paper, rubber, sound insulating sheets, foam rubber, etc.
  • Particularly strong adhesive poser
  • Perfectly suited to porous materials
  • Adjustable spray pattern with three different settings



Glue Spray is used frequently in car workshops, automotive repair shops and for hobby purposes.


For a good adhesive result, Glue Spray must be applied to both components that are to be glued together.


To be used whenever required.

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Sticker & Glue Remover

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