PAG Compressor Oil 46/100/150

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PAG Compressor oil grades are fully formulated ISO grade polyalkylene glycol lubricants designed specifically for application with R-134a in mobile air-conditioning systems. PAG Compressor Oil grades are designed for application in air-conditioning systems where the compressor requires a lubricant with viscosity 46, 100 or 150 cSt @ 40˚C. TecLub’s synthetic PAG lubricants are far less susceptible to water contamination than most PAG based lubricants. Our PAG lubricants offer superior lubricity and protection against rust, corrosion and varnish.


  • R-134a
  • R-12


  • Superior lubricating qualities compared to alternative synthetic technologies and mineral oils. Improved wear protection will result in improved system efficiency, lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime.
  • Exceptional Viscosity Index (VI) – the high VI of TecLub’s PAG grades enhances compressor life by ensuring efficient running at temperature extremes. The high VI may also allow the user to select a lower viscosity fluid than typically used, with associated power usage savings.
  • Good high temperature stability, resulting in reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.
  • Low TAN, low pour points and high flash points make TecLub PAG grades ideal lubricants for automotive air-conditioning systems.
  • Formulated expertise – the TecLub PAG grades contain efficient additive technology to protect the compressor from any problems related to corrosion of white or yellow metals, to minimise the effects of wear and extreme pressure conditions and to ensure long fluid life.

Typical properties

Performance attribute 46 100 150
Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) 44 95 141
Viscosity @ 100°C (cSt) 6,8 11,8 16,6
Viscosity Index 108 114 126
Pour Point (°C) (cSt) -48 -40 -38
Flash Point (°C) (cSt) 224 271 273


PAG Compressor oil is suitable for applications where older vehicles using the R-12 / mineral oil combination are being retrofitted from CFC R-12 to HFC R-134a. TecLub’s PAG Compressor Oil grades demonstrate excellent solubility with R-12, are stable in the presence of residual levels of R-12 and are also miscible and stable with residual levels of mineral oil.

Product handling

Polyalkylene glycols are hygroscopic relative to other synthetic lubricants and mineral oils. Excessive water absorption of a polyalkylene glycol may be prevented by minimising the product’s exposure to air. Handling of small volumes requires simply ensuring that the container is closed when not in use and that time spent transferring product to the compressor system is minimised. Unopened containers are to be stored clean, dry and at normal temperatures.

Product sheet

PAG Compressor Oil 46/100/150

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