Fabric Protector

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Fabric Protector is a highly effective water- and stain repellent for impregnating outdoor textiles of all fibre types. Improves protection against dirt and stains. Especially suitable for maintaining and restoring water-repellent effects (post-impregnation) of outdoor fabrics. Water-based and free of perfluorinated compounds.


  • Improves water-repellence of outdoor fabrics
  • Protects fabrics against dirt and water-based stains
  • Dries invisible and does not alter fabric color, feel, flammability or breathability
  • Safe for use on all fabrics
  • Water-based and non-flammable
  • Free of damaging APEO and perfluorinated compound


Fabric Protector is suitable for all outdoor fabrics like cushions, umbrella’s, upholstery, canvas, convertible roof tops, marine sun & boat covers, etc.


Shake before use. Use only on thoroughly cleaned, dry fabrics free of soaps or cleaners and in well-ventilated areas. For best results, treat fabrics in warm weather. Apply Fabric Protector on fabric, overlapping in a crisscross pattern, until damp. Do not saturate. Let dry for 6-12 hours in the sun or in a clean, dry environment before using or storing. Store above 0 °C and below 40 °C.


Apply when necessary. Re-application will depend on fabric exposure to sunlight and weather conditions.

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Fabric Protector

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