Spray and Rinse Sealant

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Spray & Rinse Sealant is a quick and easy-to-use surface sealant for car lacquer, windows and wheels. The water-activated formula creates a hydrophobic barrier repelling water and water spots: water no longer forms a film but turns into droplets that easily run off or are blown off by the wind when driving. Protects from dirt and dust. Leaves behind a slick, long lasting glossy shine on your vehicle. Perfect as a top coat after washing.


  • Provides superior water beading
  • Leaves a slick and glossy finish
  • Protects from dust and dirt build up
  • Long term effectiveness
  • Suitable for many surfaces
  • Directly visible effect
  • Easy to use


Wash car, windows or wheels out of direct sunlight and rinse off. When still wet, spray onto the clean, wet surface in sections and immediately rinse off with a powerful water beam. Dry with a clean microfiber towel. Can be used on car paint, car windows, chrome, wheels and many more surfaces.


Spray a light mist only and rinse off immediately. To be used whenever required.

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Spray and Rinse Sealant

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