HT Silicone Gasket Sealant

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HT Silicone Gasket Sealant is a low volatile automotive sealant, supplied as a paste like, one component material which cures to form a flexible rubber compound on exposure to moisture in the air. HT Silicone Gasket Sealant have been specifically formulated to resist slumping and sagging even when applied to vertical and overhead horizontal surfaces. It also meet or exceed all automotive OEM volatility specifications and is safe for use in the proximity of engine sensors etc.


  • Formulated for hi-temp and / or heavy duty applications
  • Replaces almost any cut gasket by making reliable “formed-in-place” gaskets that resist cracking, shrinking and migrating caused by thermal cycling


HT Silicone Gasket Sealant can be used for sealing turbo housings, exhaust manifolds and oxygen sensors. Fixing automotive and appliance trim including metal, fabric and fabric backed plastics. For sealing trailers, trucks, cabs and bonding and sealing appliance parts. Not recommended for use on PE, PP, PTFE and bituminous surfaces, underwater and expansion joints.


All surfaces must be clean, dry and dust free. All loose flaking surface coatings and old sealant should be removed by scraping, abrading or other suitable means prior to application. Glass and metal surfaces should be cleaned with a proprietary solvent based cleaner prior to application to ensure optimum adhesion. Apply the product evenly to the surface. Smooth the product down within 10 minutes after application using a spatula (or similar) wetted with water. Store in a cool dry area between 5°C and 25°C out of direct sunlight and protect from frost. This product has a shelf life of 18 months


To be used whenever required.

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HT Silicone Gasket Sealant

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