AdBlue Additive

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AdBlue Additive reliably cleans and prevents crystal formation in AdBlue® (urea) dosing systems and SCR catalytic converters. Prevents performance loss, engine malfunction and costly repairs.


  • Cleans and prevents crystal formation in AdBlue® metering systems, SCR catalytic converters and AdBlue®
  • Protects the AdBlue® metering systems and SCR catalytic converters and ensures long term reliability.
  • Prevents SCR clogging and increases SCR lifetime.
  • Reduces foaming.
  • Suitable for both professional and consumer use


AdBlue Additive can be used for all diesel engines with an AdBlue® metering system.


Press the required amount of AdBlue Additive in the dosing chamber of the bottle. Add this volume to the bottle with urea solution (AdBlue®) before emptying this bottle into the AdBlue® reservoir. Use with every refill.

Note:   In systems where urea injection is supported by air pressure, increased foaming may occur. Do not add to the diesel fuel tank!


One 250 ml dosing bottle of AdBlue Additive treats 100 L of urea fluid. Use 25 ml for each 10 L of urea fluid. Do not overdose!

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AdBlue Additive

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