AdBlue Additive

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AdBlue Additive reliably cleans and prevents crystal formation in AdBlue® (urea) dosing systems and SCR catalytic converters. Prevents performance loss, engine malfunction and costly repairs.


  • Cleans and prevents crystal formation in AdBlue® metering systems, SCR catalytic converters and AdBlue®
  • Protects the AdBlue® metering systems and SCR catalytic converters and ensures long term reliability.
  • Prevents SCR clogging and increases SCR lifetime.
  • Reduces foaming.
  • Suitable for both professional and consumer use


Can be used for all diesel engines with an AdBlue® metering system.


Press the required amount of AdBlue Additive in the dosing chamber of the bottle. Add this volume to the bottle with urea solution (AdBlue®) before emptying this bottle into the AdBlue® reservoir. Use with every refill.

Note:   In systems where urea injection is supported by air pressure, increased foaming may occur. Do not add to the diesel fuel tank!


One 250 ml dosing bottle treats 100 L of urea fluid. Use 25 ml for each 10 L of urea fluid. Do not overdose!

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AdBlue Additive

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