Diesel Antifreeze (cold flow improver)

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Diesel Antifeeze (cold flow improver) improves diesel-flow capability under low temperature operating conditions. Makes diesel fuel winter safe and protects diesel from crystallization / freezing.


  • Makes diesel fuel winter safe.
  • Prevents wax crystal build-up and limits crystal size under low temperature conditions.
  • Prevents gelling, slow-flow and no-flow situations in filters, valves, injectors and the fuel system.
  • Reduces the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) upto 12˚C.
  • Prevents settling and accumulation of wax crystals at the bottom of the fuel tank.
  • Protects fuel system against wear, rust and corrosion.


For all (common rail) diesel engines with or without turbochargers running on low or normal sulphur level (bio) diesel fuels. Ensures fuel is winter-safe.


Pour the required contents in the fuel tank before filling it with diesel. Use before initial wax crystals build-up.


Different treat rates are available, depending on formula. From 1:167 up to 1:1000 litres of diesel fuel.
Note: reduction of the CFPP depends upon the composition of the treated diesel fuel. The effectiveness of Diesel Antifreeze in biodiesel is lower and will linearly decrease with an increase of the biodiesel content: with a B20 biodiesel the treat rate should be double the regular treat rate to reach a similar result.

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Diesel Antifreeze (cold flow improver)

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