DPF Refill Fluid Universal

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DPF Refill Fluid is a universal replacement for most common soot filter fluids used by various manufacturers in onboard diesel particulate filter (DPF) fluid dosing systems. The DPF Refill fluid reduces the combustion temperature of soot so these particles will combust quickly, completely and regularly at lower temperatures when regenerating the DPF. This results in extended DPF life and trouble-free operation of your DPF system.


  • Ensures trouble-free operation of your DPF-system
  • Enables quick and complete soot combustion and regeneration
  • Prevents DPF clogging
  • Reduces emission of smoke and particulates
  • Extends DPF and catalyst service life
  • Universal alternative to 2nd and 3rd generation (green and blue ring) DPF fluids of common OEM’s


All diesel cars with a refillable onboard dosing system for DPF Regeneration whether equipped with a tank or a reservoir bag requiring 2nd or 3rd generation DPF fluids (with green or blue ring).
Important: For DPF dosing units only. Do not add directly into fuel tank!


Professional use only. Follow the instructions for replacement of DPF Refill Fluids provided by the OEM.


One 1 L bottle to be used for refilling of the onboard dosing system reservoir.

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DPF Refill Fluid Universal

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