ATF Flush

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Automatic Transmission Flush is a cleaning product with highly effective cleaning agents to clean the automatic transmission system.


  • Cleans and flushes the automatic transmission system internally with highly effective cleaning agents.
  • Eliminates varnish deposits.
  • Restores automatic transmission system condition, smoothens and quietens gear operation.


Compatible with all transmission fluids.



    1. Prior to transmission fluid change (with or without a flush machine) add the contents of one bottle to the automatic transmission system or ATF flush machine.
    2. Let the engine run (with shifting) for 15 minutes to circulate flush.
    3. Drain, flush and refill the transmission fluid from the automatic transmission system following the normal procedure. Always use recommended automatic transmission fluid when refilling.


One bottle treats an automatic transmission system of up to 8 litres.

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ATF Flush

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