ATF Flush

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ATF Flush or Automatic Transmission Flush is a flushing oil with highly effective cleaning agents to clean the automatic transmission (AT) system, restore performance and enable the fresh oil to perform optimally.


  • Cleans and flushes the automatic transmission system.
  • Eliminates varnish, contamination and wear deposits.
  • Restores automatic transmission system condition, enabling the fresh oil to perform optimally.
  • Smoothens and quietens gear operation.
  • Improves and eases shifting
  • Prolongs automatic transmission (AT) and Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) life
  • Does not contain aggressive solvents


ATF Flush is compatible with all transmission fluids including CVT and DCT


ATF Flush
ATF Flush results


For professional use with an ATF flushing machine only.

1. Make sure the engine and transmission system are warm and at regular operating temperature before starting the flushing procedure.
2. Connect the automatic transmission flushing machine.
3. Add the contents of one bottle into automatic transmission flushing machine and let the machine add the ATF Flush additive.
4. Let the engine run for 10-15 minutes while shifting through all gears to circulate flush and clean the AT.
5. Flush out the old ATF and flushing fluid and refill the automatic transmission with new ATF.
6. Use recommended ATF only when refilling.
7. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when draining, flushing and refilling the transmission fluid.

Important: Always check whether the ATF level is correct after finishing the procedure and make sure the oil level never exceeds the maximum oil level in the automatic transmission system during operation.


ATF Flush is recommended for use at 5% by volume. One 500 ml bottle treats 8 – 12 litres of ATF.

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ATF Flush

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