Valve Saver & Protector (LPG)

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LPG and CNG are dry burning fuels caused by a lack of lubricating additives compared to petrol. This lack of lubrication can cause excessive valve seat recession (VSR). TecLub Valve Saver & Protector for dosing systems provides an unrivalled protection against this wear and absorbs peak temperatures. Valve Saver & Protector prevents valve seat recession, valve burning, loss of performance, loss of compression, premature engine failure and expensive maintenance. Valve Saver & Protector lubricates and cleans the valves, provides a protective coating and maintains engine performance.


  • Protects valves and valve seats against premature wear and valve seat recession (VSR)
  • Cleans and lubricates valves and valve seats
  • Absorbs peak temperatures
  • Maintains engine power and performance
  • Prevents expensive maintenance and prolongs engine life
  • Not harmful to catalytic converters


Suitable for use in all gasoline engines that run on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (compressed natural gas) and that are equipped with a dosing (dripping) system. Compatible with most commercially available dosing systems like f.e. the FlashLube-system.


Valve Saver & Protector is added to the reservoir tank of the metering / dosing system. Metering is automatic. Make sure to observe any specifications or precautions provided by the natural gas system or the dosage system manufacturer. Do not add into the petrol fuel tank!


One litre Valve Saver & Protector is suitable for use with 1000 L of LPG/CNG fuel to be consumed. For vacuum controlled dosing systems a dosage of 6-8 drops per minute is recommended.

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Valve Saver & Protector (LPG)

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