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Hybrid cars are on the rise. Despite the fact that the first hybrid car was introduced to the market around 1900, sales of these types of cars have increased rapidly in recent years. As you might be aware, these hybrid cars have their own specific flaws which might effect the car’s performance over time: irregular use and incomplete combustion of fuel will pollute the engine and catalyst on the inside, frequent start-stops will lead to increased engine wear and fuel might deteriorate when stored in the tank over a prolonged period of time. Fuel additives can assist to make hybrid engines perform even better by cleaning and protecting the fuel and combustion system. Our TecLub hybrid products have been developed specifically for hybrid vehicles.

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Hybrid Protect and Clean

Actively cleans and prevents deposits on injectors and in the fuel supply and combustion system of hybrid vehicles. Prevents fuel aging and reduces friction caused by frequent start-stops.

Hybrid + Electric Vehicle A/C Oil 68

Premium Grade polyolester oil, specially formulated for use in Hybrid and Electric vehicle A/C compressors. Compatible with R134A and R1234yf refrigerant.

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